What are WordPress plugins?

What is WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are pieces of software that can be uploaded to extend and expand the functionality of your WordPress site.

Note: One of the main benefits of using the self-hosted version of WordPress from WordPress.org is the ability to upload and use plugins on your WordPress site.

Free vs premium WordPress plugins
There are tons, literally tons, of WordPress plugins available for free download from the WordPress.org plugin directory. There are also premium or paid WordPress plugins.

Why would you want to pay for an add-on? Well, there are several reasons:

While there are thousands of plugins available for free in the plugin directory, paid plugins generally offer a full-time developer and support staff who work to keep the plugins safe and compatible with the latest version of WordPress, as well as with other themes and plugins.

Most of the time, plugins work fine with the WordPress core and other plugins, but sometimes code from one plugin will get in the way of another plugin, causing compatibility issues. With a paid plugin, it’s good to know that you have support staff who can help you if something goes wrong.

You might be wondering what kinds of things plugins can do. Well if you can imagine, there is probably a plugin for that. All you need to do is take a tour of the WordPress plugin directory to see all the possible ways that plugins can extend or enhance your WordPress site.

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